Embrace The Lead

The Workshop

Do you know what makes employees tick? Can you identify employee types, and do you know how to work with them? Can you identify the type of manager and leader you are? Are you ready and willing to become even better than you are now?

This exciting workshop, based on the book Embrace The Lead by T. T. "Mitch" Mitchell, will use both the principles from that book, as well as educational material taken from the Mitchell Management Training Program, to give those who are in positions of leadership and management information and tools they can use to help them through any situation they may encounter while trying to lead others. Through a mixture of lecture and hands on practice, you will leave this workshop enthusiastically armed with tools you can immediately put into place and see amazing responses in a relatively short time.

Here are a few specific points this workshop will touch upon:

  • Nine Direct Management Keys every leader should know

  • Twelve employee types to identify and learn to work with

  • Resolving conflicts that inevitably occur between co-workers

  • Learning why you should embrace the lead, whether you asked for it or not

T. T. "Mitch" Mitchell has been giving workshops and seminars in central New York and around the country for the past three years. He has received overwhelmingly positive responses from those who have attended his presentations. Your employees deserve to have someone with top skills and a complete understanding of their issues to make them feel special and to lead them towards a more positive future.

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