Leadership Is Isn't Easy


Leadership Is And Isn't Easy


Good leaders are sexy; great leaders are empowered!

Why? Because there are fewer of the above than…

Bad leaders… draining, confining, irritating… you name it because you've seen it.

My new book, Leadership Is/Isn't Easy, is a collection of ideas, opinions and advice geared towards helping you learn how to become a good leader and maybe even a great leader. In 33 articles, I go through scenarios you might recognize, some you might never have thought of, and share real life examples of things that have happened, might happen, and should or shouldn't happen to improve your leadership skills.

I talk about what makes someone a bad leader or a good leader. I talk about ways of managing that will make you better. I help you learn how to break down scenarios so you can figure out how you should do things as a leader. I also offer ways of thinking about leadership that you may have never thought of before.

Some of the titles in the book include:

* Getting A Consensus Isn't A Bad Thing

* What Went Wrong In Iraq; From a Management Perspective

* Micro Managing Is Bad Business

* What Makes A Leader

* Team Building 101

* Employee Motivation Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Why would you want to purchase this book? What problems could it help you solve?

Have you wondered what your responsibilities as a manager are? Who's more important, the company or your employees?

Have you wondered if your style of management really works?

Do people push back on you when you're trying to lead them? Do you feel like they don't trust you? Do you have anyone you can talk to about these issues?

This book will give you thoughts on how good managers should treat others. It will give you thoughts on how to work with others positively, whether they report to you or not.

By example, you will learn how to analyze why there might be a breakdown in commuications between you, your employees and your company and how to fix it.

You will learn the value of keeping records, creating policies, and why constant training of employees is in your best interest.

You will learn how to talk to people, how to look and interact with people, and even how to deal with gossip.

You will learn how to find help if you need it, people you can talk to, and the importance of mentoring, whether it's for you or for others.

You will learn the importance of motivation, why it's important for you and your employees, and why it needs to be a part of your life.

Most important of all, you'll learn through each of the articles in this book that you're not alone, that your ideas are either spot on or way far off, and whether or not you need to modify or keep on the path you've chosen.

After reading this book, I guarantee that if you absorb the principles laid out in it you'll be a more effective and confident leader. No matter what you decide to do from there, whether it's looking for advancement or enjoying where you presently are, your leadership will be appreciated, noticed, and admired, and you'll feel better about yourself.

Great leaders can work with anyone. Great leaders respect everyone. Great leaders know how to gain a consensus while learning how to incorporate the ideas of others; after all, it's all about making everyone and everything better around you. This book will teach you that and more.

No one else will tell you any principles of good leadership unless you're willing to ask them, and they might not know. Leadership Is/Isn't Easy lets you figure it out for yourself. You will identify with these stories one way or another; why not find out which one you are?

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