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Keys To Leadership
by T. T. "Mitch" Mitchell

Keys to Leadership seminar
What's the best way for anyone to learn something? Why, good stories of course. We all like to be entertained, but many times we even like learning something while we're being entertained.

Keys To Leadership, our seminar series on leadership and management, is exactly what you're looking for if you want to learn, or reinforce, basic principles on being a good leader or manager.

Are you looking to be a better communicator? Keys To Leadership is what you want to be listening to.

Are you looking for some specific information that every manager needs to know? Keys To Leadership is what you need to be listening to.

Keys To Leadership is a two part series of seminars conducted by Mitch Mitchell, of T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc, in the Syracuse, NY area. Each one contains stories and tales, some poignant, some funny, that discuss principles of leadership, communications, and management.

What are some of the stories Mitch talks about? On the first Keys To Leadership file titled Leadership, Mitch began by talking about the first and main principle of leadership, which he learned from his father: Positions don't make leaders, leaders make themselves. Every other principle of leadership and management stems from that.

He follows that one up with a story about a friend of his, and a business principle which he'd forgotten as it regards working with others: You need to make sure everyone's on the same page if you wish to succeed.

He tells other stories, which leads to the final story and lesson, and for this one he uses his own mother's tale to get to the final point of the evening: Real leaders don't wait for someone else to tell them to do what's necessary.

On the second Keys To Leadership file titled Communications/Nine Direct Management Keys, Mitch goes further. He starts off on principles of good communication skills, beginning with the difference in words and meanings, and following it up that up with other tales, concluding with a brief conversation on inspiring and motivating others. He then delves into why good listening skills are important, telling more tales of events that have occurred in his life to bring the points home.

Finally, he spells out what he calls Nine Direct Management Keys, the cornerstone of the series. He begins by talking about something most people have problems with; learning when to say yes, and when to say no. He moves along into talking about: making decisions; change; resolving conflicts; delegation; controlling emotions; making mistakes; and reasons why people leave. These are lessons every manager should learn in order to be effective in the workplace.

He concludes the series by encouraging you to be the leader and manager you want to be, and need to be, because he this world is short of true leaders, those who inspire others to be the best and do the best they can.

How good are these Keys To Leadership seminars? One listener wrote and said:

"I have already told several people how good they are, and that I have paid 5 times that amount for lesser quality from the so called Gurus of the industry."
  Another said
"The stories you told on the first CD were enough to make me feel as though I already had all the secrets for leadership success, but learning the nine management points gave me even more valuable tools that I know I will use every day in my own life."

Mitch Mitchell, author of Embrace The Lead, is fast becoming a recognized expert in the field of leadership and management, and has traveled across the United States presenting these seminars. Words describing his presentation style are:

"engaging, knowledgeable, funny, honest, and helpful."

Why wouldn't you want to enjoy a series of seminars that will help you to clarify in your own mind the positive direction Mitch leads you in towards becoming a better leader and manager?

Still not sure? Then listen to a brief sample of the seminars by clicking here.

The Keys To Leadership series is $7.95 for all the files, plus tax if you're a New York state resident. You will receive an email that will allow you to immediately download the files so you can begin listening as soon as you wish to leadership tales, on your way to becoming a better leader and communicator.

Keys To Leadership $7.95

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