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Management and Leadership Training:

Why do so many businesses need leadership and management training?

There was a study which demonstrated that over 85% of those in management positions have never received training or guidance in being a leader; nor have they been taught how to work with their peers. Companies are always putting people into positions they're not qualified for, then wondering on the back end why departments seem to be inefficient. It's not always the fault of the employee, but they're the ones who take the blame.

People are promoted to management level positions for many different reasons. Very few of them are ready for the challenge, especially if they're new to management. Though there are some natural leaders, most people don't have these skills inherently. This doesn't mean they're incompetent; it means they're under educated. We fully understand that management and leadership are NOT the same thing, but, in business, it's difficult to concentrate on one without the other.

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc can help you with this problem. We can custom our leadership programs to provide exactly what you need, or you can leave it to us to give your employees tools that will help them with all aspects of leadership. Our specialty is putting on public seminars, so that employees from one company can interact with employees from other businesses that may experience similar issues, but we also will set up customized training sessions for organizations.

Leadership is more than just telling others what to do; same with management.  Leadership and management means you know how to work with others, not only those who report to you, but your peers and those you report to as well. Leadership is more than something you do at work; leadership becomes a way of life, whereas management is something you do with more organization. Good leaders help others produce better results; good management achieves better production, which helps your organization grow. What could be more important than an investment in your most important resource?

Some benefits of management and leadership education are:

Not only does T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc offer training, but follow up coaching and mentoring services. A statistic has shown that people retain and implement 25% of what's learned at a training course of some sort, but with follow up coaching, that figures goes as high as 88%.

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc offers leadership and management education, and has spoken on this topic throughout the Syracuse area and other states across the country. Though our courses and seminars contain technical skills training, our concentration is toward changing attitudes and perceptions for unlimited growth. We look forward to working with you.

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