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Mitchell Management Evaluation Module

Learn The Secrets Of This Step-By-Step Program For Hiring And Evaluating The Best Employees That You've Never Been Able To Do Before.

Cut down on staff turnover by hiring or promoting the BEST person for the job the FIRST time; make more effective hiring decisions; avoid promoting the wrong person; and evaluate the performance of your current and prospective employees� and do it with precision, time after time, with this module.

Are you unsure about what questions to ask?

Are you unsure about what performance criteria you're looking for in a new, or existing employee?

Are you wondering how you can get past the canned answers you usually get, and ready to find out the real story about a candidate for leadership or a new hire?

You're not alone.

Hiring, training, and evaluating any employee, especially management-level employees, is a complex problem faced by business people all over the world.

Most companies are bad at hiring employees; you're not alone They're also bad at doing employee evaluations. Most companies use a job description as their only tool for selecting candidates for open positions, and their intuition for promoting current employees into leadership positions. Think about it like this; how were you hired?

If you're like most employees or managers:

  • You weren't asked many questions about your management style;

  • You weren't asked about your core competencies;

  • You weren't asked many questions on past performance;

  • You weren't asked what types of communication skills you have;

  • You weren't asked how detail-oriented you are;

How about some help in not only hiring better incoming employees, but also promoting current employees who you can determine have the qualities you want in a new leader?

The Mitchell Management Evaluation Module will guide you step-by-step on how to select the qualifications you're looking for in both new and existing employees.

As a consultant and former director myself, as well as an author of books on leadership, individual leadership training, and a presenter in seminars on leadership, I've worked with many companies over the years, assisting in the selection, evaluation, hiring, and promoting of employees, along with my other consulting work.

With the Mitchell Employee Evaluation Module, you get 3 categories that contain a total of 46 criteria, with descriptions, to help you focus on the qualities you feel the position your trying to fill needs:

  • Use these categories to compare your previous employee's skills to your new candidate;

  • Use these same categories in evaluating qualities in your present employees to determine for yourself where you feel they may need to improve performance or maintain those particular skills;

  • This is a perfect tool to assist you in evaluating your employees for performance reviews.

This module works for any type of business, no matter what industry. Here's what's included with the module:

  • Criteria sheets that you can copy and use over and over;

  • Position Evaluation Form;

  • Pre-Review Evaluation Form One;

  • Pre-Review Evaluation Form Two;

  • Main Evaluation Form;

  • Complete, step-by-step instructions for how to use each form;

  • Top 10 Evaluation Criteria

They will challenge you in answering accurately, helping you determine exactly what you're looking for, and help you work your way down to the top ten evaluation criteria that you want to follow up on before you start your interviews.

This is something that should be in every business in America, no matter the type. It's the most fair and logical employee evaluation program you'll ever see.�If you have even one employee, supervisor, manager, or other upper level position that needs to be filled or evaluated, you need this tool.

To download a sample of the evaluation module, click here.

The price for the Mitchell Management Evaluation Module is only $199.95 (plus tax for NY residents), and you download the entire module after payment; no waiting!

If you're serious in wanting to get better at hiring or evaluating your employees, you must have this tool.

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Mitchell Management
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