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Customer Service Training

How do you feel about a company's customer service initiatives when someone answers the phone with "Yeah?" How do you feel about customer service when you're trying to buy something and the sales clerk is on a personal phone call? How do you feel about your own customer service when one of your employees starts yelling at a customer because your employee is having a bad day?

There are employees within each organization who are entrusted with the duties of access to the public.  Whether it's in person or by telephone, the first contact between customer and client is most crucial in determining whether or not you will earn repeat business, as well as what kind of message will be passed on to other potential customers.

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc provides customer service training based on the concept that every person one encounters during the work day is a customer, including co-workers. Topics discussed include:

  • Courteous telephone techniques 

  • Dealing with irate customers

  • Unspoken behaviors and their impact on others 

  • Learning better communication skills

  • Recognizing the value of interacting with others 

  • Reading between the lines; learning to listen 

  • Cutting to the chase; what customers really want

  • It sometimes seems like common courtesy is gone in today's society. If your employees don't have the best customer service skills available, they will drive off your customers and drive down your business. They will also drive away your business partners and potentially drive away some of your best workers. Are you willing to lose business because of your customer's perception of their importance to your organization?

    T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc specializes in customer service training. Our concentration is toward changing attitudes and perceptions for unlimited growth. We are proven experts in the field of customer service and common courtesy, and have spoken on this topic throughout central New York and other parts of the country; let us work with you.

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