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T. T. "Mitch" Mitchell has been described as being a captivating, natural, dynamic and inspirational speaker and presenter. As someone who has so many specialties that he can speak on, he has become a sought out speaker for all types of organizations and events.

With his own innate sense of humor, Mitch began his public speaking career just months after starting his own business. His first presentation was on the dual areas of leadership and healthcare, as he presented a seminar to a healthcare group in Pennsylvania. Since that time, he has performed numerous speaking engagements throughout New York state, mainly throughout the Syracuse and Central New York area, as well as visiting surrounding states multiple times.

Mitch Mitchell has spoken in states. In October 2007 he presented both his first national spotlight presentation for the World Research Group and his first national teleseminar for HCPro. As a speaker and presenter he has given both seminars and training sessions on all the topics that his company specializes in, including blogging and social media, and issues involving diversity.

Motivational speaking is also a component of his breadth of speaking, and as a motivational speaker, Mitch has his own take, as well as using inspirational words and thoughts of other motivational speakers throughout the world. Motivational speaking is unique because it's geared towards touching people's emotions and, hopefully, inspiring action and change.

As Zig Ziglar stated, "Some people believe motivational speaking is a waste of time because it doesn't stick with you. However, every day we also have to eat and bathe, so why should motivation be any different?"

Mitch Mitchell is available as a keynote speaker, presenter, educator or trainer; why not contact Mitch today.

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