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Diversity Training

Diversity is still a scary topic for most businesses and individuals to talk about. Most organizations never deal with the inherent difficulties of bringing people from different backgrounds together. Problems are compounded when you have to mix your customer base into the equation. There are many news stories about not only the lack of tolerance for those of different backgrounds, but lawsuits that result in large monetary awards.

Talking about diversity issues is scary for many organizations. Most of them feel that if they talk about it, something bad is going to happen. Actually, the reverse is true. Companies that address problems and issues concerning diversity (discrimination, harassment, advancement, inequality, etc) not only have less problems on the back end, but protect themselves from claims if they can document the initiatives they've taken towards eliminating such problems in their organization.

These are some of the major benefits to organizations of diversity training:

  • Reduction of harassment incidences
  • Teamwork towards company goals
  • Better interactions with your customer base
  • Improves corporate culture
  • Improves recruitment
  • Improves client relations
  • Protection against lawsuits
  • Keeps diversity insurance rates down

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc offers diversity training, in every aspect one might think of, or what they may not have thought of. We have presented throughout central New York, New Jersey and other states. Our courses are geared towards changing attitudes and perceptions for unlimited growth. The unique experiences of Mitch Mitchell lends an extra credence to the discussion; who could be more expert in the field than someone who's lives it on a daily basis and has helped others succeed? Whether the conversation is about race, gender, religion or any other differences, we can help bring people closer by engaging them in conversation that will help open their eyes and make the workplace a more comfortable place to be.

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