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Mitchell Manager Training Program

So, you're a new manager, or have hired a new manager, and now you're unsure whether the skills are there to lead others? You could spend a lot of money sending this person to a seminar (we do these also), but how do you know what will come from it? There are schools that offer degrees in management, but is that really what you're looking for?

We have the solution right here. The Mitchell Manager Training Program was created to give new managers, as well as those managers who might need a refresher course, some basic ideas they can use to learn how to manage others, and themselves.

The Mitchell Manager Training Program consists of five easy to learn sections that address all the issues managers in the 21st century face. It's based off the book Embrace The Lead, written by the president of our company, T. T. Mitchell. It not only discusses the different types of managers and employees, but gives tips on how to work with each type, whether it's their own employees, their peers, or even upper management.

But that's not all. One section speaks directly to the manager on how to deal with stress and time management issues. After all, managers need to know how to take care of themselves as well as others.

Each section also has tests, including a final exam, which will help to reinforce the principles discussed within this program.

Purchase The Mitchell Manager Training Program today, and you'll get a link so that you can immediately download the program and start learning right away. For a sample of this program, click here.

Mitchell Manager Training Program, $39.99

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